• Temperature Testing Machine For Distribution Bus

Temperature Testing Machine For Distribution Bus

Model : YS-VR-35-1

1.Type type: movable box

2.The use of field: Indoor

3.The surrounding temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

4.Relative humidity: 80% or less

5.Altitude Height: 1000 meters below sea level

6.Capacity: 35KVA

7.Input voltage: 1φ AC220V ±10% , 50/60HZ±2%

8.Rated current: MAX 4.0V

9.Output voltage: MAX AC8000A

10.Rated current: AC1~4.0V, available in continues setting    

11.Cooling: Forced air-cooled 

12.Transformer: H-class insulation

13.Control Method: SCR 

14.Protection Devices: 

1) Silicon Semi-Conductor Overheating Switch 

2) Non Fuse Breaker 

3) Failure Alarm & Indicator 

4) Delayed Startup Switch  

15.Voltmeter: Numeric Indicator   

16.Ammeter:  Numeric Indicator 

17.Equipped with hanging lugs & wheels 

18.Dimension: W600mm×D810mm×H1475mm   

1.Capacity: 35KVA 1φ

2.Input Voltage: 220V

3.Output current: Max.8000A

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2.   Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvements