• 【NEW】FLW-600MT


With 600W oscillatorNEW

Space-saving, energy-saving fiber laser handy welder equipped
Model : FLW-600MT

Forms continuous, smooth beads by continuous CW output.Its waveform controls widens pulses width which enables to weld various materials.
Its real-time power feedback improves the reproducibility of welding schedules, stabilizes welding performance and increases oscillation efficiency.
In addition, it requires no chiller, reducing power consumption.
Because Oscillator mirror and Flash lamp unnecessary,Running cost has been significantly reduced.

▶ Features


90% reduced of power consumption compare with "conventional 600W model "

Fully air-cooling reduces consumable parts

Real time power feedback feature enables stable processing

Controllable waveform function enlarges adaptability for high reflectance materials

Equipped the optical isolator as standard to prevent from optical damage to oscillator *1

User friendly light weighted handy torch

User friendly wireless helmet *2

*1: Not protection for optical damage on the fiber

*2: Wired helmet for CE complied model


   ▶ Equipment layout block diagram

    *3: Reasons why there is a relay box

·           Easy replacement of protective cable when it is burnt by spatter, etc.

·           The feed ports of cooling air and two shielding gases are switched in the box to reduce the time for the selected shielding gas to come out of the torch.

    *4: Light-shielding partition is optional.

▶ Applications

  • Food processing machine component
  • Railroad-related products
  • Sheet metal for various housing
  • Precision sheet metal parts
  • TIG welding, tack weld before brazing etc.

【Handy torch】

Type Types of tip (L-type, straight-type) Built-in protective glass
(Straight type is optional)
Weight 460 g (L-type mounted)
395 g (Straight-type mounted)
Shield gas Argon, nitrogen
Welding conditions Manually select among 90 types
(waveform No. 0 – 120)(waveform No. 0 – 74: standard conditions configured)
Accessories ① Stand for hand-held torch: x 1
② Protective gloves (leather): 1 set
③Protective gloves (conductive fiber): 5 sets
④ Protective glass (Φ12 mm, 2 mm thick): x 10
⑤ Nozzle (Carbon, outer Φ7 mm, inner Φ5 mm, 20 mm long): x 50
⑥ Nozzle (Carbon, outer Φ7 mm, inner Φ5 mm, 12 mm long): x 10
⑦ Dust mask: 20
⑧ Simple clean booth: 1 set

NOTE) Do not weld laser beam high-reflectivity workpieces such as titanium and copper.
Otherwise, a burn may be caused by strong reflected beams.

【Oscillator: ML-3060AS】

Oscillator Maximum rated output
(from oscillator)
REPEAT mode 600W
CW mode 550W
Maximum peak power
(from oscillator)
REPEATmode Maximum: 5.500kW
Minimum (power feedback ON): 1.000kW
Minimum (power feedback OFF): 600W
CWmode Maximum: 550W
Minimum (power feedback ON): 100W
Minimum (power feedback OFF): 60W
Pulse width REPEAT mode Standard: 0.2–50.00 ms (0.1ms steps)
[Energy (J)] x [Repetition (pps)] = 600 W or less However, the pulse energy is 60 J or less and the DUTY is 50% or less.

Note: When using the output waveform of 1.200 kW, the pps value is limited to keep the average power below 600 W. As a result, the duty ratio becomes 50% or less. Also, when outputting a waveform with a shot (SHOT = 1), the READY signal is automatically turned off for certain time after laser output to keep the average power below 600 W, and the next laser start is not accepted.
CW mode Standard: 0.1–1000.0 s (0.1s steps)
Repeated number of pulse/modulation 1–1000 pps (REPEAT mode)
Modulation function 1–5000 Hz (rectangular wave, triangular wave, sinusoidal wave) (CW mode)
Oscillation wavelength 1070±3nm
Safety shutter With open/close sensor
Positioning guide beam Built-in visible laser (Red)
Prevention of reflected beam Built-in reflected beam sensor
Output stability ±2% or less@600 W per 4 hours (constant temperature)
Power Supply Power Supply Input power supply Single-phase, 200 V to 240 V AC (+10%/-15%)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max. input current 23A(200V), 21A(220V), 19A(240V)
Max. apparent power 3.8kVA
Power consumption Maximum 3.5kW
Standby 0.2kW
Breaker rated curren 30A
Dimensions 750(W)×750(D)×1250(H)mm
Weight 250kg or less