• 【NEW】1000W:Single Mode

【NEW】1000W:Single Mode

Single Mode Laser !NEW

Implements high quality welding by small diameter and deep penetration !
Model : MF-C1000A-S

1000W high power and single mode laser.
Single mode is Gauss distribution in its beam profile.
Using small diameter fiber, the heat effect is less. The penetration is thin and deep compared with multi mode.
It's suitable for precise welding in battery parts and electronic parts that the needs are anticipated as not only welding but also cutting method.



  • ◆ Single Mode Laser

    Adopting single mode laser, easy to weld on narrow area and to reduce spatter.

  • ◆ Dedicated chiller

    The pairing with a dedicated chiller is needed to show its maximum ability.
    Please use the chiller that our company provide.
    The chiller is delivered with it's water piping, thus a customer doesn't need to prepare it.

  • ◆ Laser power management

    Managing laser power in focal point with power meter(opotional), contributes to improvement of product quality.

  • ◆ Scanning system

    Employing the Galvo, implements high speed and high efficiency processing.
    Enables to show its superior brightness according to dedicated optical component.
    Wobble welding enables to reduce "quickly heating and cooling" and to restrain "crack".

  • ◆ Reflection resistant structure

    Succeded to suppress the stopping frequencies by back reflection. Suitable to weld on high back reflection materials as copper. Equips the sensor to detect back reflection as safety measure to avoid oscillator breaking.

  • ◆ Controlling function

    Enables to set up various wave, according to the function.
    Available for various way from high speed precise welding to cutting, according to modulation function.(frequency and waveform)

  • ◆ Saving energy and space

    Reduces energy consumption compared with previous machine, according to design optimization.
    Ensures wider space to set up machines, according to light and compact design.

  • ◆ Useful user interface

    Large LCD touchscreen allows to input setteings easily.
    Japanese and English are available.
    Enables to use an extension calble.

  •  Waveform control

    Equipped with a "fixed mode" that features three-level waveforms, and a "flex mode" to provide more complex waveforms.  

  • ml-6040a-waveform_contorl-en.jpg

  •  Power monitor

    Laser energy (J) and average power (W) are monitored to detect abnormalities


  • ▶ Controller

    The controller can be detached from the main unit to operate at your hand.


  •  External communications

    Configuration of parameters and monitoring of performance can be carried out from a separate location.
    - Type: RS-485 compliant, asynchronous, full duplex
    - Data speed: 9600, 19200, 38400 bps




    This feature avoids marks at the end of seam welding and provides a beautiful finish even for overlapping circumference seam welding sections.


  • ml-6811c-02-en.jpg


Model MF-C1000A-S
Maximum power 1000W
Oscillation mode Single mode
Pulse width REPEAT Standard:0.1~500.0ms (0.1ms steps)
Setting switching:0.05~500.00ms (0.05ms steps)
CW Standard:0.1~1000.0s (0.1s steps)
Setting swichging:0.001~10.000s (0.001s steps), 0.01~100.00s (0.01s steps), 
1~10000s(1s steps)
Repeated number of pulse / modulation 1~1000pps
Modulation function 1~5000Hz (rectangular wave, triangular wave, sinusoidal wave)
Oscillation wavelength Fundamental wavelength
Positioning guide beam Builtin visible larser (red)
Output stability ±2%less (Ambient temperature change+/-5℃ in the range), (Water temperature:21to25℃), (Cooling water flow rate18 to 20 L/min), (Irradiation time 8 hrs in the range)
Number of schedule 256
Measurement function Laser energy (J), Average power (W)
Counter Displays the total number of outputs (9 digits), Displays the total number of acceptable outputs (9 digits)
Displays the total LD ON time (7 digits), Displays the laser output time (7 digits)
Length of the laser controller cable 1m (standard) *Extension is opition
Laser controller and language Touch panel, Removal (Japanese and English are available)
Power supply / Beaker rated current 3-phase, 200-240V AC 50/60Hz / 40A
Power consumption Maximum:3.9kW / Standby 1.0kW less
Cooling method Water cooling (21 to 25℃)
Ambient temperature / Ambient humidity 5 to 40℃ / 20 to 85%RH(non-condensing)

*1: When the laser power supply cooling water is constant, eight hours
*2: Depends on the branch


*Specifications subject to change without notice.

▶ Dimensions in mm