• MML-200A


(Laser Inline Monitor)

Measure the laser power in real time

For better quality control of laser welding.
Model : MML-200A

Laser power at every welded point and reflected laser beam can be measured, judged and saved.

▶ Features


◆ Easy quality control and data saving.

Both emitted and reflected laser beams while welding can be measured, saved and controlled. Images of samples after welded taken by a CCD camera can be monitored and saved.

◆ Judgment standard can be set based on the result data.

The upper and lower limits can be set based on the data of good weld results. Alarm is triggered when measured data is out of the set range.

◆ Brief check over the production process records.

Laser power and reflected beam intensity with the time records are displayed in a graph.

◆ Measured data can be saved in a CF card or in a PC through LAN.

Saved data are used for analysis.

▶ Set-up example


*Sensor unit is required to connect with MML-200A. 

Model MML-200A
Oscillation wavelength 1064nm
Power requirements Single-phase 100 to 240 V AC ± 10%, 50/60 Hz (An AC adapter is used.)
Current consumption 150W or less
External control interface Input/output: 37-pin, 15-pin, D-Sub (female)
Weight Approx. 2.5 kg
Input channels 4 channels max.
Sampling rate 100ns max.
Measuring range 0.3 ms to 99.99 sec
* Depending on the sampling rate
Measuring accuracy Output light: 6% or less. Less than 10.0 J: ±0.3 J or less (Repetitive accuracy: ±3% or less)
Reflected light: 10% or less. Less than 3.0 J: ±0.3 J or less (Repetitive accuracy: ±3% or less)
Judging function Analysis ENERGY value, PEAK value, and waveform
Judgment Upper/lower limit of measured values and envelope
Judging rate 500 pps max.
* When the number of channels for measurement is 2 ch or less, the sampling rate is 1 μs or more. When the number of channels for measurement is 3 ch or more, the sampling rate is 2 μs or more.
Memory data and storage Memory data: Measured waveform data/monitor value data Storage destination: Memory in the main unit and CF card
Ambient temperature 5 to 40°C (without condensation)
Ambient humidity 85%RH or less (without condensation)

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

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