• Foot pedal type: MH-21AC.MH-31AC

Foot pedal type: MH-21AC.MH-31AC

Easy operation by foot!
Model : MH-21AC MH-31AC

  • Fast follow up.

    Light-weighted head reduces unnecessary movement and follows the expansion and contraction of a the weld joint fast.

  • Robust design

    Its robust design realizes to obtain highly reliable weld quality.

Model MH-21AC MH-31AC
Electrode force 19.6 to 137.3N (2 to 14kgf)
Stepless adjustment
49 to 274.5N (5 to 28kgf)
Stepless adjustment
Diameter of electrode Φ4mm or Φ6mm Φ8mm
Drive method Pneumatic or foot step, 0.35MPa min.
Stroke length 20mm
Power requirements of solenoid valve 100 / 110 / 200 / 220VAC, 24VDC
Air pressure 0.35 to 0.5MPa
Mass 3.5kg 5.5kg
  • MH-21AC


  • MH-31AC