• Servomotor type: MH-108A.MH-109A.MH-110A

Servomotor type: MH-108A.MH-109A.MH-110A

Fast follow-up! Stable force application!
Model : Servomotor type: MH-108A.MH-109A.MH-110A

  • Detachable force follow-up mechanism.

    Optimum force follow-up mechanism can be attached depends on an application.

  • Custom-made.

    Force follow-up mechanism has a variety of electrode holders. Diameter of electrodes and set direction of electrodes; straight or eccentric, can be selected for a wide range of applications.

  • Easy programming.

    It needs only turning and pressing a dial of attached controller.

  • Equal weld quality can be obtained even by beginners.

    Servo motor driven type does not need any special skill to get great weld quality.

  • Stable force can be applied.

    Spring pressurization and servo motor ensure weld repeatability. Applied force is kept stable regardless of electrode's length.

  • "Soft-touch" part clamping.

    It minimizes impact force and allows verification of part alignment prior to welding.

  • Easy installation.

    Due to a motor driven, no piping is necessary.

  • Overforce protection.

    It ensures concise, repeatable force, less weld splash, reduced part deformation.

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Model MH-108A MH-109A MH-110A
Head type For direct welding For direct welding / series welding For direct welding / series welding
Drive method Servomotor
Corresponding force follow-up mechanism VPW-S VPW-S/ VBW-S/ VTW-S VPW-S/ VBW-S/ VTW-S/ VPW-M/ VTW-M
Maximum weld force VPW: 7kgf (70N) VPW: 7kgf (70N) VBW,VTW: 3.5kgf (35N) each VPW: 50kgf (500N) VBW,VTW: 25kgf (250N) each
Top electrode holder Water-cooling pre-set Pararell moving Eccentric
Bottom electrode holder Model dedicated to MH-108A XY-30 (Φ3, 5, 8) XY-30 (Φ3, 5, 8)
Diameter of electrode Φ3 Φ3 Φ5
Stroke 50mm (Minimum solution: 0.1mm)
Number of schedule 31 (Switchable from external device)
Datacom RS-232C/RS-485, 9600bps
Power requirements 100 to 240VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
  • MH-108A


  • MH-109A
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  • MH-110A