In 1982   YUH SHIN was founded in 1982 with a 200 sq.m. factory on Chung-Lou Road in Shalu Township, Taichung County in Taiwan. The product line included oil-cooled transformers for electrical and mechanical systems, with sales to plumbing and electrical contractors, factories and public construction contractors.
1985 to 1990 The company later developed transformers for pneumatic spot welders, SEAM and Butt welders as well as versatile, highly portable transformers for capacitor-type welders. Transformers for capacitor-type welders. These were marketed to machinery manufacturers and widely used in automobile and motorbike and motorbike assembly, parts production, OA equipment manufacturing and the production of display cases.
1991 to1993 Transformers for use in high frequency induction heaters and melting furnace, with sales to electrical appliance manufacturer.
In 1993 The company now boasts a 3000 sq.m. in the Taichung Industrial District and is backed by capitalization of NT$50 million.
1994 to 1996 Later developments included H-class, F-class, H-class filled-type, B-class injection moulded-type and dry transformers for circuits, with sales to makers of CNC machine tools, electrical and plumbing contractors and public construction contractors.
1996 to 1997 Resistors for inverters, start-up resistors for motors and resistors for capacitors.
In 1998 High-tech products are also available such as single and tree-phase Inverter DC type welding transformer that are ideally suited resistance spot welder, Butt, SEAM, other various resistance type welding machine and vacuum Metalizing Machine. Patents for these products were applied for in 1999 and obtained for Taiwan and China in 2001. Volume production then began, with sales to electrical machinery producers, defense department manufactures, IC component assemblers, automobile and motorcycle plants and other parts manufacturers.
In 2001 A new 6KVA portable pneumatic spot welder was introduced featuring adjustable current and welding time and a newly-developed high-tech PC control panel. This machine is designed for use with machine bodies, automobile bodies and in office furniture factories. In 2001 Products under development include high-tech precision DC power supply for wastewater treatment in wafer fabs and in compound circuit board electroplating operations.
In 2005 Research and develop 50-150KVA inverter welding transformers for use in Inverter Type, spot, flash and SEAM kinds welders. Applications cover a variety materials; such as aluminium, bronze, stainless steel, iron plate, etc.
In 2006 EN/2006/5011C。
Also develop time-controlled inverter-type resistance welder. Pass CE authentication of EN61588-1:1988,EN61588-2-4:1988,The certificate serial number:EN/2006/5011C
In 2007 Also develop a inverter-type DC ARC Welder, and develop with business incubation centre of national Chang-Hua University of Education. 
In 2008 We successfully develop the first lightest and environment-friendly
frequency converting electric welding machine that can save the electricity for more than 50%.
In 2011 2011 gain Japan TETRA-K Electronic resistance welding equipment, Taiwan General Agent Right.
In 2012 2012 gain Japan THM Co., Ltd. precision welding equipment, Taiwan General Agent Right.
In 2013 2013 gain American ARCON Co., Ltd. welding equipment, Taiwan General Agent Right.