• For DC spot welding/fusing IS-800A.IS-1400A

For DC spot welding/fusing IS-800A.IS-1400A

Precision waveform control ensures high quality welding!
Model : IS-800A/1400A

    • Primary current PEAK control enables detailed parameter settings.

      The control features below are only available when Primary current PEAK is selected.

      【Voltage compensation】
      It is to adjust set values for Pulse limit depending on primary voltage fluctuation before welding.
      ・When 190VAC (-5%), pulse width set for Pulse limit is adjusted to increase 5%.
      ・When 210VAC (+5%), pulse width set for Pulse limit is adjusted to decrease 5%.

      【Pulse limit】
      This is to limit pulse width when current is up-sloping.

    • Ground fault and short-circuit protections ensure the safety better.
    • Adjustable welding frequency from 600 to 3000kHz with 100Hz increment.
    • Program protect feature prevents false operation due to unintended touches to the screen.
    • Up to the third welding is controllable. Pulsation and other control modes can be set for each welding.
    • Interrupt feature

      Interrupt feature functions when a displacement amount reaches up to set level and stops current to obtain stable fusing. For this feature, it needs to be connected with a weld checker with a built-in displacement monitor and set a displacement amount of electrodes beforehand.


    • Six kinds of control methods

      Select an optimal control method for an application: Primary current effective value control, secondary current effective value control, secondary power effective value control, Primary current peak value control, secondary voltage effective value control, and constant phase control.

    • Three kinds of monitoring

      Current, voltage, or power can be monitored.

    • Safety features

      Overcurrent detector, no-current/no-voltage detector, heat abnormality detector, and self-check feature protect your safety.

    • Two kinds of welding time unit

      ms or cycle can be selected.

    • Duty factor and Output current


    • Samples


Model IS-800A IS-1400A
Power requirements ・Three phase, 380-480VAC (50/60Hz)10%
・Three phase, 200-240VAC (50/60Hz)10%
・Three phase, 380-480VAC (50/60Hz)10%
・Three phase, 200-240VAC (50/60Hz)10%
Maximum output current 800A (3%) 1400A (3%)
Number of schedules 255
Output frequency 600Hz~3kHz
Control method) Primary current RMS/ Secondary current RMS/ Secondary power RMS/ Primary current PEAK/ Secondary voltage RMS/ Constant phase
Timer setting   msec mode cyc mode
SQUEEZE DELAY 0000~9999ms 000~999cyc
SQUEEZE 0000~9999ms 000~999cyc
UP SLOPE 1,2,3 000~999ms 00~50cyc
WELD 1,2,3 000~999ms 00~50cyc
DOWN SLOPE 1,2,3 000~999ms 00~50cyc
COOL 1,2 000~999ms 00~99cyc
HOLD 00000~20000ms 000~999cyc
OFF 0 or 0010~9990ms 00~99cyc
Transformer turn ratio 1.0~199.9
Pulsation setting 01~19
Valve setting 2
Setting range
(1)Constant current (2)Constant power (3)Constant voltage (4)Constant phase
(1)0.05~40.0kA (2)0.05~60.0kW (1)0.05~80.0kA (2)0.05~120.0kW
(3)0.20~9.99V (4)10.0~99.9% (3)0.20~9.99V (4)10.0~99.9%
Current monitor HIGH 0.00~9.99kA / LOW 0.00~9.99kA HIGH 00.0~99.9kA / LOW 00.0~99.9kA
Power monitor HIGH 0.00~9.99kW / LOW 0.00~9.99kW HIGH 00.0~99.9kW / LOW 00.0~99.9kW
Voltage monitor HIGH 0.00~9.99V / LOW 0.00~9.99V
Pulse width monitor 10~100%
Ambient temp. 5 - 40℃
Max. humidity 90% (No condensation)
Max. altitude 1000m or below
Mass 38kg 60kg


For IS-800A/1400A
Model ITH-651B6W ITI-875A6W SIT-F241-HC ITG-1050B6W
Rated capacity 26.8kVA 37.1kVA 75kVA (50%) 40.7kVA
Rated primary voltage 300V/600V 300V 300V/600V
No-load secondary voltage 9.3V 12.5V 11.7V 15V
Transformer turns ratio 32:1/64:1 24:1/48:1 24:1 20:1/40:1
Input frequency 1kHz
Maximum welding current 7000A 14400A 7000A
Duty cycle 8.5% 9% 10% 7.5%
Cooling method Water-cooled
Mass 16kg 19kg 35kg 21kg
Dimensions (mm) * 168 (W) × 398 (D) ×199 (H) 168 (W) × 446 (D) ×199 (H) 240 (W) × 480 (D) ×180 (H) 168 (W) × 439 (D) ×199 (H)

  For IS-800A/1400A
Model MIR77-64560 MIR109-69060 MIR115-39060
Rated capacity 45kVA 90kVA
Rated primary voltage 600V 600V/650V 300V/325V
No-load secondary voltage 8.3V 10.9V/11.8V 11.5V/12.5V
Transformer turns ratio 72:1 55:1 26:1
Input frequency 600Hz/1kHz
Maximum welding current 13000A 18000A
Duty cycle 10%
Cooling method Water-cooled
Mass 12kg 21kg 23kg
Dimensions (mm) * 96 (W) × 213.5 (D) × 155 (H) 167 (W) × 365 (D) × 155 (H) 167 (W) × 435 (D) × 155 (H)

* Include projections