• For DC spot welding/fusing IPB-5000A

For DC spot welding/fusing IPB-5000A

Weld stability has been much improved!
Model : IPB-5000A

  • Four kinds of control

    Secondary current, constant voltage, constant power, and combination of voltage and current can be selected to optimize weld conditions.

  • Weld stop

    With an optional displacement monitor, it is possible to weld with uniform penetration amount all the time.

  • Communication

    Weld condition setting and monitoring can be done with an PC through RS-232C/RS-485.

  • Faster rise in welding current

    The welding current rises 6 times faster than that with the conventional welders*.
    * Compared to the conventional model, IP-217A

  • Transformer switching feature

    Five welders can be controlled by one power supply connecting an external transformer switch.

  • Maximum welding current of 4000A

    Due to the fast current rise, this power supply support for short-time/large-current welding applications.

  • Universal power utilities

    The welding transformer supports 3-phase 200-240V or 380-480V (configured at the factory), so that it can take different power spec world wide.

  • Reduced welding current ripple

    Current ripple is reduced to 1/3 of that with the conventional model.* With the same effective current, this model can suppress the peak current in low value unlike the conventional models.

  • Comparison of welding power supply waveform


  • Envelope feature

    With this function, the actual wave form is judged good/bad comparing with an "envelope" waveform, which provides the permissible range. The envelope waveform is determined based either on a standard waveform (average welding waveform) or on a monitored waveforms.

Model IPB-5000A
Power requirements 200 to 240VAC / 380 to 480VAC, 50/60Hz, Three phase
Control frequency 5kHz
Maximum output current 200A
Maximum weld current 4000A (with ITB-780A6)
Rated capacity 17.4kVA (with ITB-780A6)
Control method Secondary current / Constant voltage / Constant power / Constant current & voltage
Number of weld schedule 127
Timer Squeeze 0000 to 9999ms
RISE1, 2 000 to 500ms
WELD1, 2 000 to 500ms
COOL 00 to 99.8ms
HOLD 000 to 999ms
Mass 15kg


Power requirements 220VAC 440VAC
Model ITD-360B6 ITB-780B6 ITD-360B6 ITB-780B6
Rated capacity 10.2kVA 17.4kVA 10.2kVA 17.4kVA
Rated primary voltage 300V 600V
No-load secondary voltage 9V 13V 9V 13V
Input frequency 5kHz
Maximum output current 4000A
Duty factor (@100ms) 4% 2.5% 4% 2.5%
Cooling method Air cooling
Dimensions and mass 183W x 323D x 186H mm / 11kg 190W x 376D x 183H mm / 13kg 183W x 323D x 186H mm / 11kg 190W x 376D x 183H mm / 13kg