• For DC spot welding/fusing IP series

For DC spot welding/fusing IP series

Great weld quality can be obtained at an affordable price!
Model : IP-100D/200D/400B

  • Fast current rises due to primary constant current.
  • 4kHz high speed adaptive feedback.
  • Simple operation by a few operating buttons.
  • Up to 63 weld schedules to support multi welding conditions
  • Communication facility is equipped on standard.
  • Built-in welding transformer.

    The IP100C and IP200V have built-in welding transformers.

  • Beautiful, easy-to-view screen display

    High-brightness LCD makes it possible to see the screen clearly even in the dark.

  • Automatic display switching

    Normally, the setting screen is displayed, but once the welding current starts to flow, the screen will be automatically switched to current monitor display.

  • Sheet panel that withstands dust and oil mist

    Even if the sheet panel gets soiled, it can be cleaned up easily to maintain a beautiful appearance at all times.


    Using an externally connected PC, weld schedules can be read out and reprogrammed. In addition, monitoring data and error codes can be viewed from the PC

  • Datacom
For spot welding (Built-in transformer type) For spot welding
Model IP-100C IP-200C IP-400B
Power requirements *1 180 to 240VAC, 50/60Hz, Three phase 3-phase 180 to 240VAC 50/60Hz
Control frequency 4kHz 4kHz
Maximum output current - 200A
Maximum weld current 1300A 2500A 5000A (when used with IT-513B)
Rated capacity 1.4kVA 5.3kVA 15kVA (when used with IT-513B)
Control method Primary constant current Primary constant current
Welding schedules 63schedules 63schedules
Timer setting SQ 0000 - 9999ms *2 0000 - 9999ms *2
RISE1, 2 00 - 49ms 00 - 49ms
WELD1, 2
  • WELD1 : 00 - 99ms
  • WELD2 : 00 - 299ms
  • WELD1 : 00 - 99ms
  • WELD2 : 00 - 299ms
COOL 00 - 99ms 00 - 99ms
HOLD 000 - 999ms *2 000 - 999ms *2
Welding current setting (HEAT1,2) 100 - 1300A 400 - 2500A 0.80 - 5.00kA
Mass 10kg 12kg 9.5kg
  • *1: Set at the factory
  • *2: When the software switch (SW5) setting is 1, SQ and HOLD function.
  • IP-100D


  • IP-200D


  • IP-400D


Power requirements 180 to 240VAC
Model IT-513B
Rated capacity 15kVA
Rated primary voltage 300V
No-load secondary voltage 10.0V
Input frequency 4kHz
Maximum output current 5000A
Duty factor (@50ms) 4.5%
Cooling method Air cooling
Dimensions and mass 195W x 400D x 185H mm / 15kg