• Focusing head.Optical Fiber

Focusing head.Optical Fiber

Dedicated optics for laser welders.

Simple type, CCD camera loaded type and light loaded type can be selected.
Model : Focusing head / Optical Fiber


▶ Focusing head

The focus head assembly efficiently collects laser beam coming from the optical fiber. There are various types available, differing by the work distance and the focal distance involved. There is a standard type, and there is also a CCD camera version that allows checks of the work point with a CCD camera during welding operations.


▶ CCD camera loaded unit

There are three types of illumination method. The one that best suits the application can be selected. Also, the most appropriate lens diameter and protective glass shape for each can be selected. Furthermore, a large color monitor has been made standard to improve the ease of viewing.


Standard model : Epi-illumination type

  • Input and output lens diameter: Φ30mm, Φ40mm, Φ50mm
  • Protective glass shape: square, round


For work with curved surfaces : For work with curved surfaces

  • Input and output lens diameter: Φ30mm, Φ40mm
  • Protective glass shape: round
  • Ring illumination shape: Φ75mm
  • Note: For some models, certain ring illumination sizes do not allow certain lens diameters.


For work with high reflection ratios : Side illumination type

  • Input and output lens diameter: Φ30mm, Φ40mm
  • Protective glass shape: square, round


▶ Optical fiber


For most applications we recommend the SI (Step Index) Optical Fiber. Bending the optic fiber less than the permitted bend radius could cause a breakage. Please use it at a larger radius.






▶ Focusing head

Standard type

  Focal point (f) Working distance (WD)* Length (L) Weight
FOL-10A -2040 -STD 40mm 33.4mm 45.6mm 70g
-2050 50mm 43.8mm
FOL-10A -4040 -STD 40mm 33.4mm 64.2mm 80g
-4050 50mm 33.4mm
-4060 60mm 54.0mm
-4070 70mm 64.3mm
FOL-20A -5050 -STD 50mm 42.6mm 80.8mm 100g
-5060 60mm 52.9mm
-5070 70mm 63.4mm
-5080 80mm 73.6mm
-50100 100mm 94.2mm
FOL-30A -7050 -STD 50mm 39.2mm 107.8mm 140g
-7070 70mm 60.3mm
-7080 80mm 70.7mm
-70100 100mm 91.5mm
-70120 120mm 112.1mm
FOL-30A -10050D -STD 50mm 36.9mm 139.3mm 160g
FOL-30A -15050D -STD 50mm 36.8mm 191.0mm 180g
FOL-30A -20050D -STD 50mm 36.7mm 242.4mm 220g
FOL-40A -7070 -STD 70mm 58.4mm 108.8mm 200g
-7080 80mm 69.0mm
-70100 100mm 90.0mm
-70120 120mm 110.8mm
FOL-40A -100100 -STD 100mm 90.2mm 136.8mm 230g
FOL-40A -12060D -STD 60mm 44.8mm 160.3mm 260g
-12070 70mm 59.3mm
-12080 80mm 69.9mm
-120100 100mm 91.0mm
FOL-50A -120120 -STD 120mm 105.9mm 178.0mm 1200g

▶ Optical fiber

Core diameter Ø0.2mm Ø0.3mm Ø0.4mm Ø0.6mm Ø0.8mm
Permitted bend radius 100mm 150mm 200mm
External diameter Ø8mm

*Specifications subject to change without notice.