• DC Power Supply

DC Power Supply

Model : YS-DP11

1.This is the special purpose machine with applications in semi-conductor factories, pollution treatment plants, electroplating shops, circuit board electroplating factories and other industries where DC generator are used.

2.The LEADING manufacturer with the most comprehensive range of DC power generators in Taiwan. Many patents & copy right registered.

3.220 degree Heat resistant materials are use in conjunction with water & air cooling circulation for maximum operating life. 

4.Capacities and quality comparable to the finest machines available from Japan and the West. Compact size and easy maintenance, resolving the major problems association with earlier hydraulic designs. 

5.Extremely dependable operations with highly stable pressure  and minimum interference. Counter-rotating protector and voltage and current stabilizing systems.  

DC 2~15V / 3000A

1.Custom-Made model is welcome

2.Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvements.