• AC Withstand Voltage Tester

AC Withstand Voltage Tester

Model : YS-DO74

 1.Type: YSDO74
 2.Use of Field: indoor Use, Anti-Moisture areas
 3.Cooling: air-cooled.
 4.Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃
 5.Relative humidity: 80% or less
 6.Altitude: 1000 meters above sea level
 7.Capacity: 10KVA
 8.Input voltage: single phase AC 220V ± 5% 50 / 60HZ
 9.Voltage Meter: Provides DC0-10V analog signal output terminals
10.Dimensions: width 550 × depth 600 × height 1200mm
11.Weight: 115 kgs 
12.Oil-immersed transformers :
  1.Output voltage: 0-60KV
  2.Cooling: oil cooled
  3.Weight : 422 kgs

1.Capacity : 10KVA 1φ
2.Input Voltage : 220V
3.Output Voltage : 60KV

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