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Fine spot welding for precision minute parts!

Air cooling system for all three models.
Model : ML-2050A_ML-2051A_ML-2150A

Welding with a few heat-affected area can be done due to that laser welding is "contactless" welding.

Real-time Power Feedback feature ensures stable welding under optimum weld conditions.

Employing an optical fiber makes its automation easy.

Small spot size is perfect for welding of super minute parts.

Up to three energy sharing.

Controller is detachable.


 Real-time Power Feedback Control

The laser output in the lamp-pumped module is monitored in real time. The monitored laser output is compared with the set waveform and power is fed back in real time, varying the energy input to the lamp to reproduce the set waveform and obtain the ideal laser output waveform.



 Variable mirrors

These mirrors eliminate laser power loss and improve branch balance.


 Waveform control

Equipped with a "fixed mode" that features three-level waveforms, and a "flex mode" to provide more complex waveforms.


 Power monitor

Laser energy (J) and average power (W) are monitored to detect abnormalities.


 External communications

Configuration of parameters and monitoring of performance can be carried out from a separate location.

- Type: RS-485 compliant, asynchronous, full duplex

- Data speed: 9600, 19200, 38400 bps

 Forced Air Cooling System

The air cooling system is available. No water and piping are necessary.

 Hybrid Laser Welding System

This system combines SHG green laser (ML-8150A) and the fundamental laser (ML-2000 series) at the focus unit to obtain improved welding depth and spot diameter.


 High-efficiency, high-quality welding

A highly power-efficient power supply has been developed that holds down high frequencies to protect the environment. Since single-phase 200/220/240 VAC ±10% is used, power supply requirements are flexible, even when this device is used overseas.

 Optical fiber delivery System

A maximum of three branches are possible, including energy sharing and time sharing.

 Improved rise speed and energy efficiency

The laser output startup time has been reduced to about 1/20th of that for previous models. Also, for short-time welding under 5ms, the pulse width can be set in units of 0.02ms, five times the precision of previous models.


 Pulse repetition rate

A maximum repetition rate of welding and processing is 30pps.

Model ML-2051A ML-2050A ML-2150A
Oscillation wavelength 1,064nm
Maximum average power 7W 15W 25W
Maximum output energy 7 J/P (Pulse width 5ms) 15 J/P (Pulse width 5ms) 25 J/P (Pulse width 5ms)
Pulse width Standard: 0.2 to 10.0 ms (0.1 ms steps)
Fine setting: 0.20 to 5.00 ms (0.02 ms steps)
Pulse repetition rate 1 to 30 pps
No. of programmable schedules 32
Counter Total number of outputs 9 digits
Number of acceptable outputs 9 digits
Fiber optic delivery Up to 3 deliveries of laser output, 
including powersharing and timesharing, are available. (Option)
External communication function RS-485
Power requirements Single-phase 200 V, 220 V, 240 V AC +10%,-15%, 50/60 Hz
Cooling method Forced air-cooled
Dimensions 310(W) X 665(D) X 700(H)
Weight 70kg

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

▶ Dimensions in mm


ml-2050a_jp-10.png ml-2050a_jp-11.png 0_25w_img06.jpg
Isolator Isolator Gimbals

◢ Fine weld spot and deep penetration

0_25w_img13.jpg ml-2050a_jp-14.png
Spot dia: φ80µm Depth: 298µm


ml-2050a_jp-15.png ml-2050a_jp-16.png
Spot dia: φ320µm Depth: 101µm