• ML-6900series


High-power fiber laser welder with a maximum output of 5kW!

High power laser enables welding of even thick plates at a high speed and saving running costs at the same time.
Model : ML-6900 Series

More powerful version of the existing Miyachi fiber laser welders is now released. The new ML-6900A series provide the output power of up to 5kW!
High-speed CW welding becomes much faster than that by the 1kW model. It is also capable of welding thick plates. The ML-6900A series have the advantage of excellent laser oscillation efficiency, energy saving and low cost, resulting in contributing to environmentally-friendly manufacturing.


  • ◆5kW fiber laser oscillation. High-speed welding. Welding of thick plates.
  • ◆Optional two time sharing feature contributes to improvement in productivity.
  • ◆High-efficiency fiber laser saves power consumption.
  • ◆Easy operation with a touch screen.
  • ◆Program pulse shaping, modulation control and other settings and monitor operation status without a PC.
  • ◆Display power monitor, error details, status and IO monitoring on a built-in screen.
  • ◆Safety shutter (by beam switch method) as standard equipment.
  • ◆Monitor reflected light from a workpiece.
  • ◆Long-lasting laser diode provides high reliability and reduces maintenance cost.



Welding of electronic components, automotive parts, mechanical parts, plastic parts, medical equipment and precision sheet metals; sealing of minute parts; fine spot welding; high-speed seam welding; thick plate welding; etc.


 Waveform control

Equipped with a "fixed mode" that features three-level waveforms, and a "flex mode" to provide more complex waveforms.


▶ Power monitor

Laser energy (J) and average power (W) are monitored to detect abnormalities.



▶ Color LCD touch panel

The touch panel can be detached from the main unit and operated by hand.


▶ External communications

Configuration of parameters and monitoring of performance can be carried out from a separate location.
- Type: RS-485 compliant, asynchronous, full duplex
- Data speed: 9600, 19200, 38400 bps

▶ Fade-in/Fade-out

This feature avoids marks at the end of seam welding and provides a beautiful finish even for overlapping circumference seam welding sections.


Model ML-6920B/BS ML-6930B/BS ML-6940B/BS ML-6950B
Maximum average power
(oscillator output)
2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W
Maximum peak power
(oscillator output)
2000W 3000W 4000W 5000W
Output control REPEAT mode Standard: 0.1 to 500.0 ms (0.1 ms step)
Setting switching: 0.05 to 50.00 ms (0.05 ms step)
CW mode Standard: 0.1 to 1000.0 s (0.1 s step)
Setting switching: 0.001 to 10.000 s (0.001 s step)
0.01 to 100.00 s (0.01 s step)
1 to 10000 s (1 s step)
Repetition rate 1 to 5000pps
Modulation function 1 to 5000Hz (Sine wave, triangle wave, rectangular wave)
Safety mechanism 
(Beam terminator)
Check with sensor
Oscillation wavelength 1070 to 1080nm
Positioning guide beam Red visible laser built-in, class 2M
Output stability *1 ±2% or less @maximum rated output
Fiber Optics delivery Optical fiber / Up to 4 deliveries of laser output at timesharing. 
Optical fiber / 
Up to 2 deliveries oflaser output at timesharing. 
Transmission fiber ML-6900B type:Φ0.15mm、0.2mm
ML-6900BS type:Φ0.1mm
No. of programmable schedules 256
Measurement Measure and display power (W)
Counter Total counter 9 digits
LD time 7 digits
Process time 7 digits
Power requirements Three phase, 400VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption 
(Incl. cooler's power consumption (14.7kW))
Max. 23.4kW Max. 29.7kW Max. 30.7kW Max. 44.7kW
External datacom RS-485
Heat exchange system Water - Water
Ambient temperature 10 to 40°C
Dimensions Main unit Single delivery
856(W) X 806(D) X 1186(H) mm 1480(W) X 815(D)
X 1520(H) mm
1105(W) X 806(D) X 1186(H) mm
Control unit 510(W) X 935(D) X 1520(H) mm

Weight(Incl. control unit) *2

510~620kg 530~640kg 550~660kg 900kg

*1: When the laser power supply cooling water is constant, eight hours
*2: Depends on the branch

*Specifications subject to change without notice.

▶ Dimensions in mm


◢ Seam welding of stainless steel (2kW, t=2.4mm, 30mm/sec.)


 Seam welding of gear parts (2.4kW, DOP: 3.6mm)