• MR-140A


Compact remote control model!
Designed for easy integration into automated equipment.
Model : MR-140A


MR-140A pulsed heat controller controls pulsed current for heating to obtain ideal temperature to perform reflow soldering precisely. Real-time temperature feedback from a thermocouple attached to a thermode enables to adjust heat temperature in detail and precision performance according to the programmed heat profile can be done. MR-140A shows great performance also at ACF bonding and heat staking.



  • Compact remote control model

    The Control version consists of 2 units: one is a controller with a control screen and the other is an output transformer.
    This allows you to place the transformer next to the reflow head, so it reduces output loss.
    Compact design for easy integration into automated equipment.

  • mr-140a-3.png
  • Large LCD

    Displays both graphic and numerical data of setup values, measured values, waveforms, a schedule number and a program name all at once on a same screen.

  • Transformer selectable

    Four types of transformers. 2kVA / 4kVA by output heating capability, and high-voltage / low-voltage by secondary voltage.
    You can choose transformer to match your requirements.

  • Preheat and Reflow Control

    Preheat and Reflow Control is newly added to MR-140A.
    The control will switch to the Preheat stage and Reflow stage after the temperature reaches the target temperature in addition to the conventional heating method that is given priority at setting time.


    MR-140A can set wider range IDLE HEAT from 25℃ to 300℃, than previous model from 25℃ to 100℃.

  • A variety of thermode lineups

    Thermodes which meet customers’ requirements can be offered. Please consult for a design of it.

  • Applications

Model MR-140A
Power requirements 180~264VAC 50Hz/60Hz
Breaker capacity 15A
Temperature range 600℃ and below ±6℃ or ±2% of reading, whichever is greater
Above 600℃ ±3% of reading
Repeatability ±1% of setting
Display Range 15~999℃
Temperature range BASE 25~300℃
PREHEAT 60~500℃
REFLOW 60~999℃
COOL1 25~300℃
POSTHEAT 25~999℃
COOL2 25~300℃
IDLE 25~300℃
Time periods BASE 0.0~9.9 seconds
RISE1 0.0~9.9 seconds
PREHEAT 0.0~99.9 seconds


0.0~9.9 seconds
REFLOW 0.1~99.9 seconds
POSTHEAT 0.0~99.9 seconds
HEATING RATE Heating Rate Control Fast / Medium / Slow / Very Slow
Transformer 2kVA (High Low) / 4kVA (High Low)
Cooling method Air cooling
Schedule Setup * Front panel or external controller via RS-232C/RS-485C
RS-232/RS-485 Connectors type Standard 9 Pin D-Sub female connector
User Programmable Heat Profiles 63
Ambient temperature / humidity 15℃~40℃ / 93% (40℃) No condensation
  • * External controller will be prepared by customers.
    • MR-140A (Weight: 8.6kg)
    • mr-140a-7.png
    • 2kVA Transformer (Weight: 14.1kg)


  • 4kVA Transformer (Weight: 21.8kg)
  • mr-140a-9.png