• 35~75KVA Spot Welding Machines

35~75KVA Spot Welding Machines

Model : YS-CS506

1.Temperature protection switch to prevent Thyristor from overheating and breakdown.   

2.Digital welding micro-computer Timer, ensures accuracy of welding time. 

3.End Output Signal can be sent to the other peripheral welding devices. 

4.Japanese brand Timer TETRA-K is also available, that provides constant welding current.  

5.Application: Automobile, motorcycle sheet metal parts, metal box, computer case, 

stamping parts and many others. Available in single or multi-point spot weld. 

Special Models

1.Capacity: 35~75KVA

2.Frequency: 50/60Hz

3.Input voltage: 220V / 380V  

4.Depth: 600~900mm

1.If you can not find the needed model in our cataloque, please inform us the specifications in detail. Our engineers will work with you to customize machine to your specific application requirement.

2.Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvements.