• 30KVA Foot Pedal Operated Spot Welding Machines

30KVA Foot Pedal Operated Spot Welding Machines

Model : YS-FS30

1.Standard Type

2.Adopt lever-pedal type spring pressing structure, allow convenient operation and maintenance

3.Adjustable welding time and current; that is ideally applied in mild steel plate, wire workpieces and stainless steel plate welds and many others. 

4.Easy To Operate and Maintenance.

1.Capacity: 30KVA

2.Frequency: 50/60Hz

3.Max. current: 8.5KA

4.Weldability: 2.2mm+2.2mm

5.Max. force:200Kgs

1.If you can not find the needed model in our cataloque, please inform us the specifications in detail. Our engineers will work with you to customize machine to your specific application requirement.

2.Specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to constant improvements.